The Scarlatti Wasp is a weaponised organism developed in secret at the Porton Down Research Institute by the UK military, an atomic mutation of the phenotype Vespa Cruoris.

Black, yellow and red-flecked, extended exoskeleton, armoured thorax, silver-black wings, distended abdomen and with a cluster of three harpoon stings.

Scarlatti is an asexual self-multiplier that can lay up to fifty eggs. It is pesticide resistant, seventy-five millimetres long (the size of a humming bird or a human thumb) and is all but physically indestructible. It nurtures supplies of a unique strain of smallpox in the poison sacs of its abdomen, enough for a single insect to infect and kill 555 human beings (the 17th century Italian composer Scarlatti wrote 555 sonatas, hence the name).

Accelerated development means that given a sufficient supply of protein a single insect can produce a fifty-strong swarm in four days. Each swarm produces many new colonies, each swarming every four days, until the supply of protein is exhausted.

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