David Anthony Pytor Kaparis is a ruthless international criminal mastermind planning an interconnected series of biological, digital and economic disasters. His brilliant mind and once brilliant body are now trapped in a iron lung that encases him like a coffin leaving only his head exposed, surrounded by a cluster of automated mirrors and optical devices.

Upper class Russian Emigre background, loveless family, huge brain. The world’s first trillionaire. Vain and powerful and every kind of snob.

Scarred by a trauma at University when he thought he was about to become the new Charles Darwin only to have his theory on how super-organisms develop – to protect and serve a ‘super few’ exceptional individuals – destroyed by Infinity Drake’s father.

To operate in the world he has created the Tyros – ruthless, obedient models of himself in teenage form: a group of gifted orphans brainwashed via Neuro Retinal Programming (insertion of data probe into the frontal cortex of the brain through the optic nerve), intensive education and emotional manipulation.

He aims to destroy human society as we know it and replace it with a more perfect super organism designed to serve the interests of a few exceptional individuals – headed by himself.

Likes: top secret headquarters, Beethoven’s late quartets, vintage champagne, himself.