Infinity Drake

Humour and high adventure combine in the biggest action debut in years – even if its characters are very small.

Infinity Drake – aka Finn – is off on holiday with his mad scientist uncle when they are summoned to a crisis meeting. Scarlatti, a lethal bio-weapon – an ϋber-wasp killing machine – has been released by a pitiless villain, with incalculable consequences for mankind.

UNLESS Uncle Al can shrink a military team to track down and kill the beast. But then disaster strikes – sabotage! Finn gets shrunk to 9mm and has to jump in a tiny Apache helicopter with three soldiers in a desperate race to destroy the beast that’s out there, very angry and many times their size…


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About the Author

John McNally

John McNally lives in an imaginary world where everything turns out okay in the end. He was a screenwriter for years until he managed to escape into Children's books. INFINITY DRAKE is his first novel and he finds this incredible.

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