Infinity Drake 3: Giant Killer

So you thought 9mm was small?

In the thrilling third book, Giant Killer, Infinity Drake takes it to a whole ‘nother level…

After months of captivity Finn and Carla reach their final destination; evil mastermind Kaparis’s secret lair in the Carpathian mountains.

Once there Finn learns the villain’s true purpose – to conquer his paralysis and rise again. To do so Kaparis must shrink a team of medics down to microscopic size to repair his damaged spine, and now he’s cracked the Boldklub code it seems nothing can stop him.

Apart, that is, from a microscopic hero…

Join Infinity Drake on his wildest ride yet – deep inside the body of his nemesis, where he must fight for his life… and bring down the giant once and for all.

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About the Author

John McNally

John McNally lives in an imaginary world where everything turns out okay in the end. He was a screenwriter for years until he managed to escape into Children's books. INFINITY DRAKE is his first novel and he finds this incredible.

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